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Austin News

  • Why Volunteer?

    "I volunteer for FCA because I believe in it's mission. In today's school and sports culture, FCA meetings and events are places that our children can hear God's truth. FCA is a reminder of Christ's sacrifice and provides them the opportunity to refocus in their athletic endeavors as well as the rest of the areas in their life.

  • Shereesha Richards and the Art of Giving

    Shereesha Richards - Forward, University at Albany "A lot of times you'll hear people say, 'Are you willing to give up everything to serve God?' But at the same time, I feel like He's using me where I am right now. He's allowing me to be a blessing to others. There are many ways to serve God.

  • Why Give Now...And Why To Us?

    Thanks to a vast network of volunteer coaches and parents, and partnerships with local churches, there really isn’t another Christian student ministry out there that has FCA’s scope of influence...

  • FCA's Impact...From a Mom's Real Life Point of View

    My daughter has been involved with FCA since 6th grade and I have witnessed the positive impact it has in every facet of her life...

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